Will Tesla Model X be updated?

February 2020 – Tesla releases Tesla Model S/X “Long Range Plus” variants with 390/351 range with a software update released in March to reflect that increase. … October 2020 – Model X gets 371 mile range, Model S price drop. The Plaid Model S will use the new 4680 cells and structural battery pack at the end of 2021.

How can I make my Tesla software update faster?

There are a number of urban legends about how to receive Tesla updates faster; however, there are only two credible ones, and one possible one. First, make sure your car is connected to a solid WiFi signal when parked. Second, you can take your car to a Tesla Service center and ask them to push the update to the car.

What is the new Tesla update today?

The current and latest Tesla update today is 2020.48.

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