Top 5 Countries To Get Work Visa and Living:

Get Work Visa and Living:

Five countries in the world where employment is very easy where you can get work visa and living. The workers in these countries are also offered holidays. And people’s salaries are also very good there. Visiting these five countries is a bit easier than the rest of the countries. There is also a great management of living in these countries. Governments of these countries give different people time to work. But at this time, I can make a lot of money by working hard.  You can get a great job due to good education and work experience.

5. Belgium:

Belgium is a very nice and very small country. According to the year 2019, the total population of  Belgium is 11,558,567.  Belgium have a 81 rank  in  the world. Total area of  ​​Belgium  is 30,528 Km2 .  France and Germany is its neighbors countries. The policy of  Belgium visa is very good and easy. The annual income of  Belgium is about  47,702$. The wages in Belgium is at least 10$  an hour. Belgium  has a 20-day holidays.


On the contrary, if you are married then fifteen days holidays will also be given to you. Average Income: 47,702$Minimum Wage: 10$ per hourVacations: 20 DaysPublic Holidays: 10 DaysParental Leave: 15 weeks paid leave at 75-80 percent of wagesUnemployment Rate: 7.6 percent.

Top Industries ( The CIA’s World Fact Book )Engineering and metal products, motor vehicle assembly, transporation equipment, scientific instruments, processed food and beverages, chemicals, base  metals, textiles, glass, and petroleum.

4- Denmark:

Denmark is counted as a very beautiful country. Denmark contains  406  Ireland. Denmark is a country that earns 25 percent  from its energy sources. There is no wage for hours in Denmark because there is a salary method. But people work and  are given salary after one month.  

People in Denmark are also offered holidays from the government. Those employers  who work in the company also have their annual holidays. There are many types of  factories  and industries. There is a lot of unemployment in Denmark. Denmark  not a refuses your  visa  if  complete the all visa requirements.

Average Income: 50,024$No minimum Wage: Vacations: 25 DaysPublic Holidays: 09 DaysParental Leave: 52 weeks  of paid leave  with at least partial compensation.

Top Industries ( The CIA’s World Fact Book )Iron, Steel, Nonferrous metals, Chemicals, Food processing, Machinary, Transportation equipment, Textiles and Clothing, Electronics, Construction, Furniture and other wood products, Shipbuilding and refurbishment, Windmills, and Pharmaceuticals.

3- Iceland:

Iceland is counted in the world’s  most beautiful countries. The total population of  Iceland is about 358,780. Holiday is also offered in Iceland. And the company in which the company works, they are also offered a yearly holidays.

The unemployment is very low in Iceland. Iceland’s  visa rules is very good. Iceland’s visa refuses rate is only 2 percent.  Iceland regarding the show is better than all other countries.


Average Income: 46,074$No minimum Wage: Vacations: 24 DaysPublic Holidays: 13 DaysParental Leave: 13 weeks  of paid leave with an average compensation of 64 percent of wages. Unemployment Rate: 3.6 percent Jan 2017Average Hours Worked Per Week: 

Top Industries ( The CIA’s World Fact Book )Tourism, Fish processing, Aluminium smelting, Ferrosilicon production, Geothermal power, and Hydropower.

2- Norway:

Norway is counted in the richest countries of the world. There are about 400,000 lakes in Norway. Norway’s salmon fish is famous throughout the world.

There are many types of industries in the country. Most of the largest bussiness is import/exports in Norway . Norway’s people are very hard. The Norway visa policy is very easy if you complete all the documents, your visa is not rejected. The biggest benefit  is also that you can get free education here. There are many government universities in Norway that provide free education. You can apply the study and working visa  for a Norway.

Average Income: 50,908$No minimum Wage: Vacations: 25 DaysPublic Holidays: 02 DaysParental Leave: Paid leave at 80 percent  of salary  for 54 weeks or 100 percent for 44 weeks. Unemployment Rate: 4.4 percent Dec 2016Average Hours Worked Per Week: 27.2

Top Industries ( The CIA’s World Fact Book )Petroleum and Gas,  Shipping, Fishing, Aquaculture, Food processing, Shipbuilding, Pulp and Paper products, Metals, Chemicals, Timber, Mining and Textiles.

1- Australia:

Australia provides the most visually available people in the world. And Australia ‘s visa method is also very easy. But Australia is not free education you have to pay money by studying it. But work Australia is well-versed with all other countries.

The Australian PR is  also very easily found. Most people in world prefer to come to Australia. The Australian area is more than the rest of the countries. There are many other countries peoples are living in Australia. If you have good education and experience then you can also live a great deal in Australia.


Average Income: 50,167$Minimum Wage: 10.90$ per hourVacations: 20 DaysPublic Holidays: 07 DaysParental Leave: Eligible employees get up to 18 weeks leave paid at the national minimum wage. Employees are also entitled to 12 months of unpaid leave.

Top Industries ( The CIA’s World Fact Book )Mining, Industrial equipment, Transporation equipment, Food processing, Chemicals and Steel.

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