There are Four Big world IT Companies In The World.

In the world, there are four big worlds of IT companies. Google ‘ Apple ‘ Facebook and Amazon. The four companies have been around the world. These are known as the Big Four, and the total economic volume of these companies is more than the annual GDP of one hundred and twenty countries in the world. Most of us are familiar with Google ‘ Apple and Facebook ‘. We use Google’s email and various applications daily, some people have Apple’s mobile phone and we also spend several hours on Facebook daily ‘ but most of us don’t know Amazon ‘ and those who are familiar with it Cannot avail because Amazon does not operate in Pakistan.

Why can’t Amazon come to Pakistan and what are the advantages of visiting Pakistan? Before I let you walk to the Indian city of Hyderabad, where Amazon opened the largest building outside the United States three weeks ago, which stood at nine acres or eighteen lakhs square feet. Three hundred feet high, the building has a capacity of fifteen thousand employees. It has total anchas lifts that have the capacity to carry 972 people at the same time per second-floor speed.

More than 200,000 laborers daily in the building in 39 months. In addition to Amazon, Google’s ‘ Apple ‘ Facebook and regional central offices of other major technology companies are also established in Hyder. After this building, Google is also making its largest office out of America in Hyderabad, which will stir up a tremendous commotion in India’s IT sector, and millions of jobs will be created, and India’s exchange will increase billions of dollars.

We come to Amazon now. Amazon launched an American citizen Jeff Bizos as the online book store in 1996. Amazon is also a big river in South America. Jeff Bezos made his online book store big books from the Amazon River and later the Sea of electronics and other items. Jeff started Amazon in his home garage with three computers. Jeff’s father, giving Jeff a three million dollars for initial investment, asked his mother what the Internet is. Jeff’s mother said, “We are putting this money on the internet but not the confidence of our son.”

Jeff’s parents owned six percent of the company and became a billionaire for the company’s rise in 2000. In the beginning, Jeff sat down on his knees and was able to make book packets and to the offices of the self-courier company. The turning point for Amazon came in 2007 when Amazon launched cindel software. The software can also be read by downloading books and in mobile Computers and tabs. The record was sold in six hours when the cinder market was launched. It was such a great success that Jeff Bezos was not judgmental. Through cinder reader, Amazon captured ninetyfive% E-readers shares of America The company resurrected so fast that there are five lakh sixty-six thousand employees in the company that started from three people today in 1996, and Jeff Bizos has become the world’s richest man with 112 billion dollars.

At the time of Amazon, there are 16 million customers all over the world. Amazon is the only company that reached that point with zero marketing budget. Jeff made shopping so easy that people left other online stores and came to Amazon. Here it takes less time to order them and find the same thing as shown on the net. Because of these features, users began to discuss Amazon in their friends and family. The earnings of Jeff Bizos were published last days. You’ll be surprised to hear that Jeff Bizos’s income has increased to Rs. 70 crores per hour. These daily are 16billion and five trillion months. By this calculation, Jeff Bizis earning Rs. Sixty trillion annually.

This past year, the richest man of the world has also left Bill Gates behind. All this was possible due to information technology. Jeff Bezos if not selling books Online, would have made a thousand books in the United States, so he could not get a fourth of the revenues. So today, if Amazon is investing in India, they have opportunities to move Indian youth, It will also make a drastic change in India’s economy.

Now we come to Pakistan. Not a major reason for Amazon to come to Pakistan is PayPal. PayPal online drink is the most popular global source for millions of users who use it for online purchases without hesitation. Not only did Amazon come to Pakistan because of PayPal’s coming to Pakistan, but even two to three lakh Pakistanis who Lansing the free will face great difficulties.

They work abroad for companies but have a long cycle to receive the amount of their work. Very few global companies are connected with Pakistan for online payment and which are very much deducted. If problems like PayPal go away, Amazon and other global companies can understand Pakistan as well as India, and this will greatly benefit the young generation of Pakistan being unemployed in the country. Notwithstanding these issues, a hundred sixty start-ups from platforms like the PTI’s plan nine have collected revenue of billions of rupees, and consider if these problems are resolved, where the revenue will go.

The government will also understand that there are no sectors other than it at this time where youth can be given a large number of jobs. Without technology in Pakistan, the economy will not get better and will not be employed. Here, for the last two or three years, terrorism has almost ended, due to which the world does not stand here. The situation of cuts is even better, so why is there any company involved in the big four for working in Pakistan and not ready to invest big here? For this, the government should create a task force or set up a focal delight by making the Committee, and to include it to the country’s renowned IT specialists in this task force.

From institutions like Google abroad or from international universities who are connected to Pakistan, they should be considered as a matter of what the world’s IT company is going to end Pakistan after the 20 years of the century. What are the reasons and problems that could be carried out, Pakistan could be the center of it and the world’s attention in the region like India?

When we have talent also, the internet is also common ‘ the Universities ‘ College and academy are also hundreds of examples like Arfa Karim Ranas, and our 62% population is comprised of youth who know the best use of it and the flags of its success around the world What is the reason why we could not turn these individual accomplishments into national and collective success?

Why we could not make national policy until today, which has set its goals, which artifecial intelligence ‘ data science ‘ as well as the Internet of public and software exports to Pakistan.

Now, when the truth is done, it is time to think, “This is the time to act and that the country will still be indifferent to the matters in which its economy will never be lost.”

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