Prime Minister Imran Khan Addresses The UN General Assembly

Representing Pakistan, I am an honor.

The General Assembly wants to discuss many issues, all
Will discuss climate change before
Environmental changes in the world are not serious,
The heads of the world do not understand climate change,
Pakistan’s most affected relapsed of climate change is in 10 countries,
In Pakistani rivers, 80% of water comes from Glaciares, not only Pakistan but also from Indian glaciers, water comes to our rivers, Glaciares are melting very fast
Pakistan plans to impose 10 billion trees, no country has control over climate change alone,
Hopefully, the United Nations will advance on climate change

The second Esau is a major problem, every year billions of dollars are money laundering from developing countries, billions of developing countries are upholding abroad,
Money laundering is not considered a problem in rich countries from poor countries,
Political money laundering is not considered as a matter of money laundering, terrorism, and drugs.
Half of the tax-recovery in Pakistan is going to pay a debt, Pakistan’s former ruling has returned to the country money laundering
Properties of corrupt leaders, laws of rich countries protect criminals, we need help from rich countries, rich countries do not take action against corrupt politicians.
The corrupt rulers should prevent the money from being taken to taxes, IMF, world bank, the Asian bank should decide on it
The third-place I want to talk to Islamophobia, after 9/11, increased to a dangerous extent in Islamophobia, Muslim women who make hijab a problem in many countries
In some Western countries, the heads of terrorism linked to Islam, thus increasing Islamophobia, Islam is the same as the Muhammad of the prophet, no matter what extremist Islam is, how can anyone decide who is extremist and moderate Muslim?
Islamophobia is a cause for suffering Muslim countries and Muslims, Muslims are being planted from the wall and it grows extremism, nations should now solve the problem
Sadly, Muslim leaders have not talked about the end of Islamophobia
All religions are based on justice, no religion does not give extremism and terrorism a lesson, Western dress-and-English-speaking Muslims are considered moderate
Tamil Tiger suicide attack before 9/11, Tamil Tiger was Hindu but suicide attacks not linked to religion
In the West, I know a lot of time spent how they think,
The book on blasphemy has been published in 1989.
Religion in the west is seen from a very different look, in the West that Islam does not allow freedom of expression
In the West, certain segments deliberately make propaganda against Islam
Hear strange things about Islam in the West
It was said that Islam is against women’s freedom
There is an impression that Islam is against minorities
The Holy Prophet’s life in the Holy Qur’an is a precedent for Muslims in the Prophet’s life.

Medina was the world’s first welfare state, Islam said that all people are equal, Islam tells that each person is equal in law, whether it be any religion
The Holy Prophet Prophet said that the best thing is to liberate slave, then the economy depends on slavery, so it is ordered to treat slaves well
When the Muslim state is sent to minorities, he goes against Islam
Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) lives in the heart of Muslims, the reaction of Muslims, the pain of the heart is greater than the pain of the body
Now the problem is to discuss Kashmir for which I came here, when I came to power, the first priority was to bring peace with everyone.

“We attended the US war against terrorism, 70 thousand Pakistanis martyred in the War of terrorism,”
In the 80, the United States and the West funded the mujahideen to fight in Afghanistan,
After the end of the Soviet Union, the United States went all left,
After 9/11, Pakistan gave back to America
After 9/11, we were told that jihad is not terrorism in Afghanistan so the United States war was anti-
When he came to power, he decided to end the remaining armed groups, sending the observer to the United States to see that armed groups have abolished Pak-Afghan border, fencing on the Iranian border.
I have many friends in India too,
He came to power, extended friendship towards India, told Indian Prime minister to fight poverty and climate change,
Pakistan has terrorist attacks, the Indian Prime Minister told India that there is terrorism in Balochistan, kulbhushan Yadav has confessed terrorism in Pakistan, Modi said.
Son of the boy who attacked the Indian army, said he took the arms on Indian atrocities, Bharati bombed after Pulwama attack
We shot down his two planes, we immediately returned his pilot because we wanted peace

In India, a 50 terrorist killed in Pakistan,
He destroyed only 10 trees,
Prime Minister
Modi says in the campaign, the trailer shows Pakistan to show the film
If Kashmir special status has been terminated, the agenda came up,
India finishes Kashmir’s special status by ignoring Security Council resolutions
What is RSS to tell the world
The RSS extremist thought killed Mahatma Gandhi
Look at the views of the founders of the RSS, the truth will come.
Indian prime Minister is a lifetime member of RSS
The RSS hate Muslims and Christians,
The RSS wants to eradicate Muslims from India,
RSS is an organization influenced by Hitler and Nazism
Narendra Modi kills Muslim in Gujarat for three days,
In Britain, 80 million animals were closed, the noise goes down, 80 million people are closed in Kashmir,
Did Modi think when the curfew would be deviating, what would happen in Kashmir? What does Narendra Modi want to do in occupied Kashmir at the end of curfew?
A million people have had their lives in occupied Kashmir, Kashmiris are not being granted rights under UN resolutions, sorry business is being given precedence over humanity
The world did not even know things because India is more than a billion market
When a curfew is being stopped in occupied Kashmir, what will the people in the occupied Kashmiris have to stop at home?
On the Kashmiri streets, the curfew will come down and the Indian Army will send them bullets
The atrocities will go toward Kashmiri extremism, can another Pulwama? Pakistan is charged with the 500 terrorist control line,
What do the 9 million Indian soldiers want by sending 500 terrorists?
Islamic terrorism takes charge of human rights, India wants to accuse Pakistan of Islamic terrorism,
India does not have any rest, it will be blamed on Pakistan to end the curfew
Why don’t Modi think of what millions of Indian Muslims are thinking, Indian Muslims become extremist, anything can happen,
The accusation will come to us, about one billion to 30 million Muslims are witnessing the atrocities on Kashmiris around the world.
Muslims around the world see Kashmiris being persecuted only because of being Muslim,
If only 8 million Jews were closed, what would react to the Jews in the world?

Are Muslims less than those of the remaining religions?
If there is blood in Kashmir, Muslims can be turned towards extremism,
I would have been in Kashmir and 55 days closed at home,
If my women were abused, did I sit silently
Shall I have a humiliating life?
I also take the gun up
If there is an attack, Pakistan will be charged and 2 nuclear powers will come face
In 1945, the aim of the United Nations was to stop such a situation, if the traditional war begins in India, anything can happen
When a small country fights, there are two paths, the weapons, or the last to fight the breath,
We’ll fight until the last breath when the last breath will fight up, the results can be far more terrifying.
.‏ The time is 1939 like the adulation,
With humanity, India will have to remove curfew from occupied Kashmir and will have to leave political prisoners.


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