Training and Paid Work in Canada for Less Educated Peoples:

Work in Canada for Less Educated Peoples:

(Red Seal Trades)

This is a great program for those who want to learn to work as well as skills. They can learn from Canada and make a job there. You can work out skills, according to specific trades.

Under Red Seal Trades, people from different departments can work together to learn skills. This includes the, Plumbers, Bakers, Motorcycle Mechanic and electrician etc.

This will not cost you much because you will apply the people there as a Canadian employee. According to this law, an employer also gives you a job and gives you a chance to learn skills.

When you take a job, the employer has served you eighteen to twenty hours and almost the rest of the hours he sends you to learn more skills in an institute. You also get paid for the hours you work like.

You have to go to the Canada website to apply it and you have to overlap your skills based on your eligibility. And then you have to find an employer who can work and get education about your trade.

Here’s how to apply for this course.

  1. First of all you have to open the Website.
  1. Click on menu.
  2. Click on Jobs and Workspace.
  3. Click on Training.
  4. Click on Support for apprentices.
  5. Click on How to become an apprentice.
  6. Find your trade.
  7. Click on Provincial and Territorial Apprenticeship Programs for select any provincial on your choice.

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