Michael Jackson 150 years old who claimed to survive.

Michael Jackson 150 years old:

Michael Jackson hired the 55 top plastic Surgeons of America and Europe, until 1987 Michael Jackson’s form of skin images and movements and Schnot changed attacked black Michael Jacksonville, the owner of blond female images, owns a beautiful Michael Jackson in front of the world Released his third album in the name of the bed in 1987, it was the first album of the Whites, Michael was also successful and sold his 3 million copies after the album he started his first solo tour.

He went to downtown cities to land the music shows and earned millions of dollars from the shows, so he defeated his black hue and then capture the past, Michael began to flee from his past, he had turned his family off.

He changed his own addresses to get her mother-in-the-parents on the surrogate and also she left John from old friends during all these steps she went to be alone in the whirlpool of the artificial life she got stuck to her self-fame The daughter of Elvis Presly got married Lisa also from my presly.

He also gave his big statue in Europe and he also created his first son Prince Michel with a nurse Debbie through the artificial method, now he wanted to live up to the last one-year-old hate or desire Michael Jackson long It used to be interesting to get the age, for example he slept in oxygen tents at night, to prevent people from wearing gloves for avoiding the effects of viruses and the sick, he had to take specific doses and he was permanently employed by a 12-day doctor.

He used to inspect one part of his body’s daily laboratory test of food, and his staff also offered him daily exercise, so he believed he would live 150 years, but then the night of 25 June 2009 it was difficult to breathe It’s doctors who gathered his house to senior surgeons from all over the country were trying to protect him from death but failed.

It was the man who had planned 150 years, who did not walk on the ground barefoot before he was able to shake a hand in the house, which had a daily sterile medicines in the home, which did not divide any such thing by 25 years.

The man who forbade it has died in just 30 minutes at the age of 50, Michael died in 10 minutes on Google reported that it was Google’s history record and this heavy traffic caused Google’s system Sat down, and the company had to apologize to its customers for 25 minutes, so that it was because of careful care that the body had become a skeleton, she was bald with her head of hips on her shoulder ribs and legs Needles Bay.

There was a full footprint of the plastic surgery due to the lgwata of the pan-Myers, but it was a day-long, but this needle caution was not that the doctor could save him from death, but the last wish of Michael’s death is an announcement man could conquer the world but his destiny Cannot defeat

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