Guide And Tips To Find A Job And Working In England.

Whether it is to improve your practice of English, to enrich your experience, or simply out of desire, you have decided to go to work in England and look for a job there. Here are some tips to follow.


The first thing to know is that to find a job in the UK you need to have a National Insurance Number, or NIN. This can be requested by telephone from a Job Center, at least two weeks before your arrival, and will allow you to sign your employment contract. This request is free, but compulsory: without this number, you will not be able to work as a foreigner.

 Write your CV in English and try to describe your French experiences as best as possible: translate certain company names if necessary, and specify the regions of the cities where you worked. Your CV must be clear and understandable to your employer. Finally, before applying to find a job in England, consider having an English telephone line. This will make it easier for your potential employer to contact you.


There are several ways to find a job in England. As in France, there is a national employment agency, the Job Center. It is found in all major cities and in those of medium size. Likewise, consider the sites of the major newspapers (The Guardian, The Daily Telegraph or The Independent) which also publish ads online. You can also find them in the pages of the local press, especially for repair jobs or part-time student jobs. Also think of temping agencies, which are full of job offers. 


How do you find a job if you don’t speak English?

If you’ve just arrived in the UK and only speak a little English, don’t worry. Some positions do not require a perfect command of the language. This is for example the case of jobs in catering (barmaid, driver, etc.), or personal assistance (cleaning, babysitting, etc.). These jobs can constitute a first experience before looking into its branch.


There are platforms in England that publish dozens of online advertisements every day, in various professional fields (tertiary, secondary, craft, etc.). We can then site,,, or Some sites are international, and allow you to search for offers in French and English, as is the case for Monster or the temporary agencies Manpower and Adecco, specializing in short jobs. The Summer jobs site, for its part, specializes in seasonal jobs.


Are you going to England with the aim of working a few months on-site to visit the cities that make you want? Although your goal is to find a job, keep in mind that during a stay working in another country, certain guarantees are essential.

For example, subscribe to an Allianz Travel guaranteed travel plan, which is specially designed for young people and which covers theft of luggage. Likewise, this type of offer allows you to be covered in the event of an accident or to reimburse your medical expenses in the event of a health problem. You can also benefit from special business travel insurance, if your professional stay lasts less than two months on-site, or, if you have found the job of your dreams, special expatriate insurance to settle in, and to be protected there. So you can find a job in England and enjoy your stay with peace of mind!

Finding a first job or a job to stay for a while in England is not that complicated. If you follow these few administrative steps, all you have to do is get started and send CVs to employers

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