Google’s Largest Weapon Compared To The WhatsApp

Google has introduced its weapon to defeat the world’s most popular Messaging Services Whats app and Facebook managers. Google has introduced the latest Rich Communications Service (RCS Chat) for Android devices.

Google was working on RCS for 2 years, for which it was shared with mobile operators and smartphone makers around the world, but it was not possible to access its users, due to which mobile Operators were cheap.


But now Google has taken this matter into its own hands and this month has decided to introduce RCS services in the UK and France.

According to the WEB report, the RCS service will be available to users of Android Messaging apps, but at the moment when they would like to use it.This chat service is basically a modern form of SMS service in every phone. But in RBC, many modern features will be available to users in conjunction with traditional SMS, such as red receipts, viewing their friends’ typing, HD images and video and group text etc., while in Text will not even be like SMS.

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It will basically work like Apple’s IISS for Android devices, but it will not be available right now, while this service will not work without phone numbers, i.e. phone devices.

After initial trial according to Google, it can be introduced at some time in the coming months in other countries. It was believed that Google introduced its introduction to Android Messaging in its last year, with its aim to see users’ initial glimpse of RCS and they can use it in the standard SMS app space.

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So far, Google 55 mobile operators, 11 smartphone companies and operating system,a company with Microsoft, has signed a RCS. In simple words, Google wants to fill its new platform with all features of Whats app and Messenger.

SMS is a 160-letter service that has been for decades, but today’s phones demand more powerful and user-more features, and that led to the success of Whats app and Messenger. Google now wants to tackle through this new service, with Google’s digital assistant services with other features as well as the user.

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