Google’s digital assistant is acknowledging hearing recordings:

Google has confessed to hear the voice recordings of users on the artificial-based digital Google Assistant.

This confession was done when the previous days in Dutch language, a variety of Google assistant recordings were leaked by a broad-caster institution in Belgium. The VRTNWS reported that most recordings were consciously made, but Google also hears a conversation that does not record.

And it may also contain sensitive information. The VRTNWS had more than a thousand recordings of the Google home and the Google Assistant app, which consisted of different queries and questions of users.

According to VRTNWS, Google Assistant-based devices send these accounts for review of Google’s staff by recording the voices of the owners inside the conversations and houses. Google Home is one of several devices in which a Google assistant exists, and this digital assistant is available in almost every other android phone.


The most amazing thing is that users in most recordings do not say the phrase that activates Google Assistant, Hay Google or OK Google. According to the VRTNWS artificial, some of the few couples in the recordings were based on the conversations, some of the parents and children, while there are also important phone calls, including a lot of personal information.

It can also be said that Foster can record everything you speak or do. Google has put the blame on one of the video review people while verifying the rut in a blog post. According to Google, our security and privacy response teams have been on the issue and are doing research, followed by an important action.

We will take a complete look at our steps to stop such moves. In Google’s statement, users were assured that the audio recordings are sent to the human being. And the review action is not connected to the user’s account. However, it has been a success in identifying some of the people from the content of the VRT.


The company did not respond properly if there is a specific phrase that is a matter of recording from Google assistant without Google. The statement says that Google Assistant devices have an experience in which false accepts, this means that some of the backgrounds or words of the background take our software as a hot word like an Ok Google. We have done several security measures in Google home to prevent such incidents.

By the way, the digital assistant is not so smart and they still need human help if you want to keep your private life out of the conversation, please disable the Google Assistant from your phone, and otherwise let’s run it.

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