Free Education In Germany 2020.

1.Basic Information:

How can you get Free education in Germany? This is a question that runs every student’s mind as if free education is spoken, every student wants to be in large countries like Norway, France, Australia, America, and Germany go and get an education. Let me tell you that the best option in all these countries is Germany, where you can get free education. There are many benefits to getting an education in German. Do you have a lot of amazing options?

You can get a good education by spending a little bit of money on your own. Friends will first talk to us what are the basic requirements for admission to Germany’s Universities.

As I have said that education is absolutely free in Germany, so the requirements for admission to universities are a bit tough, because people wish to enter there from around the world, because graduation and such expensive ingredients of  Bachelor and Masters are absolutely free.

Now we talk that which are the basic requirements for admission to Germany’s Universities, according to German universities, you should have 13 years of education if you are applying as it is in Pakistan and India.

Thirty-three years of education do not exist in these countries so you have done a one year program in Foundation and after doing this program, you will have to test it if you pass this test, you will be eligible to enter in University. In contrast, if someone graduated or mastered, he would be able to enter the university.


Apart from this, if someone has A Level then they must have a book language and they have read four books, Biology, Physics, and Mathematical books. And to A-S Level it is also important that they have read a book from them, but chemistry should not be included in the A-S level.

Apart from this, speak the language because you should come to the German language to Germany University Six to seven bands are very important for graduation and masters. Then you also need a Motivation Latter and a cover Latter that you have to submit with your documents

Some people will be thinking which courses are available in Germany and which course we can do, let me tell you that you can do all kinds of courses in Germany, but any language course or business this courses is a bit difficult because these courses are done in German language so, for which you should speak German very well

2.Admission Procedure:

Now we talk that how to get admission in Germany’s universities,  it is the most important website for it.

There is a list of courses on this website that you can find the course of filtering courses. As you’ve already told that education in Germany is free but you give a semester fee 700 or 800 euros and Apart from this, health insurance has to be paid separately. This money is very suitable than in other countries.

No agent from the German government is present in any country, if an agent asks you to enter you at the University of Germany if i do it, he will be a liar. DAAD  website office is in every country. Where you can go and get information.. As it is a long term visa and comes into the D-category. And if you have to confirm your documents then you have to pay 15€.

And besides this, you have to make a bank account that you can open in UBL and Kotak Mahindra Bank, etc.

Are there after opening the account, you have to deposit up to 8700€ in the account. If you get an entry, after going to Germany, the government will pay you up to 600 or 700€ each month of this amount. And after one year you can send out all your money from the bank and send it back to your country.

Then you have to verify your documents with the German Embassy. You can not take a direct entry into German universities. You must register yourself at the Uni assist website for admission to people.

  And after completing the form, the print of this form will be required to be submitted to the German Embassy with its own documents.

The is an organization with a corporation with German universities so that you can get people to the first Uni assist website you have to register. The uni-assist fee is 75€. The first university admission fee is 75€, and then you apply to enter the university as soon as possible, you are required to pay 30€ of each entry entrance.

3.Jobs With Education:

Many people will be mindful of whether we can study in Germany as well as to work, I say yes, you can also work during your studies in Germany.

The German government gives you the right to work. But during education you can do a limited job. The government there allows you to work 20 hours a week.

And 20 hours depend on you that you will work for a few hours every day or work on Saturday and Sunday. Because there are many places where 20 hours of work can be completed for just two days. After the completion of your degree, the German government also provides you a free visa of 18 months.

And in these 18 months, you can also stay in Germany to find a good job. And after getting a job, the Blue card is released, which lasted for 4 years. And after 4 years you can apply for staying there too.

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