Difference Saudi Arabia Free visa And Company Visa

Saudi Arabia Free visa


Illegal under Law of Saudi Government.

  1. Sponsored by Kafeel.
  2. Kafalt will be paid as decided by kafeel (current 200 _ 300 SAR per month)
  3. Iqama Renewel every year all expenses will be beard by Iqama Holder.
  4. Visa Cost 25000 SAR to 35000 SAR (including all expenses agent + Ticket)
  5. No job on arrival in Saudi Arabia.
  6. Looking for job if you have skills if unskilled then learning skills.
  7. 2 years to learn job and language normal salary in this era is 1000SAR to 1500 SAR.
  8. While annual expenses of Iqama and Kafeel are 7000 to 10000 SAR.
  9. Medical Insurance will be paid by Iqama Holder.
  10. After 2 year or as soon as you learn all you can start your business ( shop).
  11. For Business kafil will be paid to kafeel that can be 500 SAR per month (minimum).
  12. If Business runs smooth then its time of money you will earn a lot.
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Company Visa.

  1. Sponsored by Company.
  2. No kafeel will be paid.
  3. Iqama renewal by company.
  4. Visa cost 2000 SAR to 6000 SAR (All expenses included Agent + Ticket).
  5. Job Guaranted.
  6. Arrival in Saudi Arabia and salary started (Company will pay at least basic salary to you).
  7. After 2 years or completion of contract company will arrang your vecation with return ticket to your contrary and 1.5 basic salary.
  8. All your medical insurance card Iqama renewal fees will be paid by company.
  9. You can not any business on legal terms.
  10. End sevice benefit will be provided by company after completion of contract.
  11. If you are on good company there will be increase in salary and chances of promotion and business offered by company.
  12. Some companies afford your family visa expenses including their accommodation iqama renewal and return tickets but it is only Rare.
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