Consent Form For Traveling with a minor: Whole Truth About Required Documents.

Consent Form For Traveling with a minor:


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As surprising as it may seem, the consent form for traveling with a minor for a child’s trip are not that different from those required for an adult! Allianz Travel explains everything you need to know to travel with a minor with peace of mind.

Traveling With A Minor: What Documents To Cross The Border?

Does your child have to go abroad? Gone are the days when it was enough to have your child registered on your own passport. Today, travelers under the age of 18 are considered an individual, and the documents required are exactly the same as for an adult:

  • When traveling to another member country of the European Union (but also Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, San Marino and the Vatican, Liechtenstein, Monaco and Andorra). A simple identity card will suffice take her across the border with you. The rule also applies, of course, to French overseas departments, but also to certain other countries providing for flexible entry conditions and without passports for French nationals.
  • For any other destination requiring a passport, the minor must have their own passport. This obligation is imposed at all ages, from 0 to 17 years old. The visa requirement, generally, will also be the same for an adult and a child.

These conditions apply in all cases, whether the minor travels accompanied or unaccompanied.

Consent Form For Traveling With A Minor

Should He Be Given An Authorization To Leave The Country?

Until recently, unaccompanied minors who had to go to a country claiming no passport from French nationals (European Union, EFTA, etc.) could not validly cross the border without presenting.

In addition to their identity card, a ” authorization to leave the territory ”signed by the holder of parental authority. This very official document could only be produced in town hall, in the company of the parent (s), and on the production of a certain number of supporting documents (family record book, proof of address, etc.).
This obligation was abolished in 2013, and minors no longer have to justify the written authorization of their parents. When they present themselves alone at the border post.

Find out about the administrative procedures for your destination

Attention, despite the removal of the authorization to leave the country, some countries may continue to request specific documents to accept a minor alone on their soil. You will have the heart net by consulting the site of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or by contacting directly the consulate of the country concerned in France.

Concretely, At What Age Can The Child Travel Alone?

In theory, a child with a passport is therefore free to travel independently, from the first days of their existence. In practice, there are obviously limits not to be exceeded, for the child’s own safety.

The airlines themselves strictly regulate the travel of unaccompanied minors. Air France, for example, only admits children alone from the age of 5. Children aged 5 to 14 must have accompanying staff (a service charged between 50 and 80 € in addition to the ticket). From the age of 15, this paid support becomes optional.

Outside these regulatory limits, there is really no ideal age for a child to experience solo travel. It all depends on his level of maturity and the confidence you place in him.

Think Of Travel Insurance For Your Globetrotting Child!

Purchasing travel insurance is an essential precaution for all adults, and it becomes all the more.

So when the traveler is still in his infancy. Do not hesitate to compare the offers and select the most protective formula before your child’s departure. In addition to the full reimbursement of health care abroad. It is essential to cover your child’s civil liability (it that is to say yours!) for any prejudice he would cause during his trip.

Traveling with a minor? A much less complicated procedure than is generally believed! Remember to choose the best travel insurance for the whole family.

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