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Australia work Visa:

For a while, the Australian government is troubling its immigration for Australia work Visa. A few times ago, the South Australian government has changed its policies.  South Australia has made a lot of new visas. So that people from other countries come here and work. South Australia is a provider of work visas for many people according to their new policy.

The South Australian government will provide a lot of jobs with the new program. And the South Australian government also announced the relaxation of the visas. The South  Australian government will give people an opportunity to work in 174  different occupations.

Easy Requirements (Australia work Visa )

If you do not have Australia’s normal work visa or PR application, you do not have to worry. Under this  DAMA  Program of Australia you will be able to work in Australia. South Australia has recently made an agreement with the federal government for “DAMA” program. DAMA stands for “Designated Area Migration Agreement”.

For this, you will first apply for a normal visa, you will also be able to change later immigration. This visa will work on two types of agreements. The South Australian government has made two types of agreements.

1. Adelaide Innovation and Technology Agreement

 Adelaide Innovation and Technology Agreement is a first agreement. There are different programs in this agreement. Here, 60 sectors have been kept for security, computer, nursing  people. For this visa, people from 50 to 55 years can also apply.

2. South Australian Regional Workforce Agreement is a second agreement.

. In this agreement includes experienced people and who people without experience. These include welders, electricians, plumber, food picker etc.

The most important thing for this visa is that you do not need a skill assessment for this visa. The salary and age has been relaxed in this visa. For this visa, you must get any job in Australia. If a company provides you an offer latter, then you can apply for a visa.

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  1. I am a Registered Nurse with more than 18 years of experience looking for work and needs assistance with visa application .

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