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Last year I went to Australia. There were representatives of three hundred such entities from around the world and corporates and government representatives from Australia and one hundred New Zealand universities attended. I told in tears that the government’s representative of New Zealand, with his request, said that God would forgive those who were martyred in the Christian Church and gave patience to their parents.

He expressed astonishment that we New Zealand residents are all one, the same. There is nothing wrong with anyone. Everyone is equal and everybody’s life is dear to us, and we are ready to welcome the greetings and greetings around the world and to the world around the world, with regard to religion, color and race. He traveled with me specially and visited our journey.

Referring and described your observations as little as possible.He says that Australia is a big success but leave three of its cities Melbourne, Sydney and Bharas, perhaps the rest of the country may be offering worse image than Pakistan, but a few years ago, Mineral reserves are found and they are now a wealthy country but in terms of development and prosperity, America, Europe, Japan, Korea, South Korea, are full behind Malaysia, but there is a commitment within that country.

They do not want to do the night-long development process. So, their first need is the workers and the workers who are going from Europe and can also go from Pakistan.But Pakistan will have to deal with the government level at this level. Similarly, the Australian students are visa but its number is limited.

Like a Nepalese country, more than hundred and more students are successful in visas, but our Foreign Office, Ministry of Education and Ministry of Interior, in this case There is no interest in which our student visas are closed in America, Europe. For this, our government will have to be awakened by dreams and regular contracts from the US and Europe will be issuing maximum educational visas.

Quality education in the world is available only from a few well-known universities in the United States and Britain.Australia is so far behind education and research but there are some dozen institutions where education is managed.

In this, Pakistani students get admission, but when children fall on the airports, they surround them like a sort of agent and put into account that you have chosen a wrong and expensive university. We give you the closure of cheap education.

In this world, they pay our children in non-standard colleges in the open districts and they are limited to the extent of the paper. There is no need to go to them. Degree will be found two years later.Meanwhile, they should work hard and earn money. Those who suffer from this disease do not care for our children’s interests.

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They are in charge of their own fees .Vision Nazir said that if our children survive their tactics, then they will be successful and otherwise they will become a money-making machine. Australia has taken great flexibility for it.

One can issue a three-year educational visa, namely, and one yearly work is also officially permitted. In most cases they also give permanent citizenship. The biggest advantage of this policy is India, China is not behind, and Nepal and Brazil are also present and active.

The Government where many other measures are taking place, there should be its Foreign Office, its Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Interior, and the countries of the United States and Europe, which have closed or closed the educational visas, agree with them.

We must do India’s best in foreign educational institutions and what we have to do with the United States, “we will lose the ability to compete with India too.There was a good time for Pakistan when he was in the hands of  patriot like Dr. Mehboob ul Haq, the country’s economy and announced that Pakistani students will enter the merit in American and European educational institutions. They will also fill the entire fee, their expenses will also be spent, and their hostel costs will also pay the government to Pakistan.

This is the spirits we need to work, Prime Minister Imran Khan has talked of science and technology, but also for practical steps, he should open the doors of foreign countries for foreign students and Australia and other countries. Go ahead to take full advantage of New Zealand’s wide and uncomfortable prospects.



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