Are Libras friendly?

Libras make good friends because they are usually up for anything, especially group outings, and love to be around people all the time. Libra is open and honest in friendship and very loyal, so many friends rely on Libra for good advice and a listening ear.

Do Libras like flowers?

Libras love clear signs of affection and appreciation and with well chosen flowers, such as these, you’ll be sure to impress.

What type of music do Libras like?

Libra – Libras are very social and gracious. They are also ruled by Venus, the planet of love. This may explain why they love romantic music so much. Still, while they tend to enjoy classical and slow jams, they are also pretty trendy and hip.

What are Libra’s colors?

Libra color: Pink and blue Airy pink and light blue help to open Libra’s heart and soften its presence. These pale hues bring a calming and likeable presence to Libra’s personality. Symbolizing a cool, subtle breeze, light blue increases clarity and balance, while pink invokes Libra’s sweet and loving nature.

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