Accident abroad: How is your repatriation organized?

A health problem or an accident abroad? Far from all your usual benchmarks, in a vulnerable situation, you will find at your insurer a precious and essential support to organize your repatriation in good conditions.

Treat yourself on the spot? Not always recommended!

The risks weighing on your physical integrity should not be overlooked during a trip, whether it is a professional or tourist stay. Having a serious illness or even a simple accident on a hiking or ski trail can easily bed you for days or weeks.

When your stay is irreparably compromised, emergency medical repatriation is sometimes the best solution compared to hospitalization on site. The latter, in fact, can generate exorbitant costs that exceed the limit authorized by entry-level travel insurance. Health risks, moreover, are not to be excluded if you are staying in a country little known for the quality of its health infrastructures (infections, medical errors, nosocomial diseases, etc.)

In the event of an accident, alert your insurer without delay

Have you just had an accident and your medical condition requires emergency care? After alerting local emergency services, remember to inform your insurer so that they can help you from the start of your treatment journey!

 How to prevent your insurance? You just need to call its telephone assistance platform (accessible 2H / 24) at the number appearing in your contract and / or in the confirmation email which will be sent at the time of subscription, you will then be put in contact with a doctor or a specialist advisor to the insurer, who can cover your medical expenses on site and organize your return and that of your loved ones. 

To avoid unpleasant surprises, you will of course have checked beforehand that the telephone platform of your insurer is available 24 hours a day (jet lag requires!) And especially that the geographic coverage of your contract extends well to the countries you count to visit.

True / False: Repatriation insurance is no longer useful if the insured dies of the accident?
Answer: FALSE! In the event of the death of the insured, the contract generally provides for specific services making it possible to provide material and psychological support to relatives, often shocked by the brutality of the disappearance. The coffin and the repatriation of the body will thus be taken care of on a plan that is both practical and financial.

The organization of repatriation

A specialized international insurer usually has its own team of doctors, nurses and psychologists whose task is to assess, in constant coordination with local health authorities, whether or not your state of health justifies rapid repatriation.

If so, the insurer is responsible for defining the most suitable mode of transport depending on your distance (plane, medical vehicle, etc.). In the event of air transport, your more or less serious state will lead the insurer to book you a classic ticket or to charter a specialized medical aircraft: the considerable cost of this service justifies, in itself, having a good repatriation insurance in all circumstances!

If repatriation is not necessary, the insurer can nevertheless finance very useful services such as the sending of unavailable medicines on the spot, the outward or return journey of the relatives of the insured, etc. Without counting of course the charge for medical and hospital costs on site.

The advantages of Allianz Travel repatriation insurance

Specialist in assistance to travelers for many years, Allianz Travel provides with all its travel insurance , a high-end repatriation guarantee including a telephone platform available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, a team of health professionals at your listen permanently and specialized advisers capable of organizing your emergency return from any point of the globe. 

Pending repatriation, Allianz Travel also guarantees coverage of all expenses incurred to treat you or hospitalize you: even a simple Holiday Insurance, available from only € 11, can cover your medical care on site up to a ceiling of € 150,000, repatriation costs not included!

The story of Fabien, 36, repatriated by Allianz Travel following a fall in Thailand

During a boat trip, Fabien falls badly, which causes him low back pain. Bedridden, Fabien misses his return plane. Double trouble. The hospital tells him about bills to pay. Panicked, Fabien then contacted assistance from the hospital where he was. In Paris, on the set of Allianz Travel, the medical decision was quickly taken:

Fabien must be helped to return to France because he will not be able to return alone or very difficult. While medical reports are exchanged and the organization of repatriation has started, Fabien has a very stomach ache at night. Umbilical hernia, you have to operate. Fabien is blocked for at least 6 more days.
Total cost to assist Fabien in his galley in Thailand: more than 26,000 €. This saved him from paying:

  • A return to business (to be able to lie down) at € 3,800,
  • An ambulance to reach Bangkok (14,100 baht, or 300 €) and another one of 1,200 € (from Roissy)
  • And finally hospital costs of more than 300,000 baht ( € 6,200), in the hope that his Primary Health Insurance Fund will accept to cover part of the costs.

The repatriation of an insured person from abroad is a technical and complex process requiring a high level of expertise. Trust the Allianz Travel teams to look after you in all circumstances.

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